The Common Sense of Right & Wrong

Movies can make one think deeply about concepts and feelings that are hidden to the outside world. I am not a world traveler nor am I all that well read on world issues. What I think I know mainly comes from books & articles I have read and what others have spoken of on the worldly topics of our time.
So, what is happening to this world that we all share? Does anyone know? Who is in control of the life we all lead in our respective places on earth? Surely, there must be a puppet master making the world the interesting place it is. The media is powerful in that it is our means to our knowledge of the world; what is happening in our world. It speaks to us and tells us what we think we want or need to hear and believe. Sometimes I wonder if any of us not in power really knows the truth of our world. Seems to me, we only know what the puppet masters of the world want us to know. It can be so confusing, trying to sort out what and who is telling the truth to us all.
What can be done to make our world more clear to all of us? Is it found in our belief systems? Is it found in violence towards one another? Is it found through religion or education?
I believe it is found through the sense of love; love of one another, love of family, love of the understanding that this world was never meant to become what it has become but rather, it was to be a place where all of us could live in harmony if we only allowed “common sense” to guide us through the inevitable sea of “right & wrong.” We have failed one another in this endeavor. No side is right; somewhere along the way we allowed our “fundamental rights” to shift and become layered in power and greed. What once had potential to be a world in harmony, helping one another make the best of our world has been turned into those who are rich, powerful, and privileged versus those who are poor, weak, and underprivileged. It is not happening only in the United States but all over the world. We have stopped any of our leaders who have the stage to change our world for the better through commons sense, the understanding of right and wrong through politics, power, violence and the temptation of greed.
There is a common sense of right and wrong and we all know it. We all have the same basic instinct of survival. We all want to feel safe, loved, and needed. We all want to feel secure in who we are and what we are. Somehow, that has turned into meaning we must fight for having those needs met. This fight has left the world with two factions: “the haves & the have nots.” We are headed in the wrong direction and it gets worse and worse. This concept has been allowed by us to permeate all of our institutions; religion, government, education, our belief systems, and even our families. The world we all have allowed to evolve is one that will destroy itself in due time unless…
We come together, we find enough leaders who have the skills to use “common sense to right the world’s wrongs.” It shouldn’t be that difficult but, yet, it has appeared to be so only because we allow ourselves to be directed by those who are the “fundamentalists,” those who control the world through their abilities to orchestrate events that keep the balance of power in their favor while helping us all into a belief that our lives are what they are because that is our role. Some people believe life is designed for each of us through “fate”; that we do not control our destiny; others believe that we live in a world of “free will,” where we make or break ourselves and control our own destiny.
It is easy to follow the “fate” belief system because it always has a sense of preparedness built in for whatever happens to someone. “Free will” is not too far behind “fate” in that no matter what happens we can always point to the “choices” one has made leading up to the good or the bad in life.
To me it all does not matter. Our world will operate into the future the way it has not because of “fate” or “free will” but because we have allowed the human decency of using common sense in right and wrong situations/decisions to not matter. Until we can all find our “common sense” and realize that when there is a “wrong in the world” it must be “righted” without it causing another “wrong.” This seems to be the challenge we cannot meet in this world. We have lost trust in one another. I hope as a world we will soon figure out how to control the “cause & effect” of our actions.
There is a Common Sense of Right & Wrong, I hope we as a people occupying the same world can find it real soon.


About pshepich58

I am married and have one son. I have a black lab. I live in Livonia, Michigan where I am a superintendent of a public school district. I was born and raised in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan. I attended Central Michigan University for both my undergrad & graduate degrees. My educational career has spanned stops in Clear Lake (Houston) Texas, Scottville, Hart, Custer and currently, Livonia Michigan. I will be starting my 32ndth year in public education this fall, 2014. I am a huge Green Bay Packer's fan; I love the Detroit Tigers, Pistons & Wings. I pull for the CMU Chippewas but am a huge college sports fan that supports the MSU Spartans (where my son is a student).
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