Life Can Be Cruel

Working hard all my life to make a difference for others. Chose education as my path to do so. Bachlor’s degree followed by Master’s degree. Added hours in school leadership. Took what I learned and applied it in the classroom as a teacher, in the extra-curricular area as a coach and athletic director. Helped adults further their education by administering a day and night school for drop outs through the old Community Education program. Became a high school principal. Have attempted to make a difference in all of my students, parents, faculty & staff each day. Staying positive, being realistic, always keeping “hope” alive for others.

Then, you get a call. Your brother has a rare type of leukemia. No bone marrow matches anywhere in the world. He is taken to the brink of death through the chemo process; given a 5% chance to survive. They try a very experimental process using cord blood from two different blood types to give him a second “birthday.” Over a year and a half period of time, much of it spent in isolation, he is CLEARED. All leukemia is gone!! Celebrations abound! He has set backs every now and then over the next year and a half. Life is not exceptional but it is still “priceless.”

Then, you receive another call that he is back in Mayo. Leukemia is back. No more options. He has weeks to live and his life can be prolonged using the chemo process again, if his body (organs) can handle the stress. He has the will to fight and chooses not to just “lay down and let the cancer take him.” He is scared. His sons and daughter and wife are scared. His 87 year old mother, who just lost her husband, his Dad, is beyond consolable. His brothers are broken-hearted. Each having their own health related issues to deal with in their lives.

Everyone suffers cruel happenings in their lives or the lives of the ones they love. I have always believed that the good Lord does not give anyone more than they can handle. And if a person is a person of faith, as I am, you know that if it seems to be too much, God will provide and carry you through your stress and grief.

Life can be…..Life is Cruel. It is the love of living that makes it so.


About pshepich58

I am married and have one son. I have a black lab. I live in Livonia, Michigan where I am a superintendent of a public school district. I was born and raised in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan. I attended Central Michigan University for both my undergrad & graduate degrees. My educational career has spanned stops in Clear Lake (Houston) Texas, Scottville, Hart, Custer and currently, Livonia Michigan. I will be starting my 32ndth year in public education this fall, 2014. I am a huge Green Bay Packer's fan; I love the Detroit Tigers, Pistons & Wings. I pull for the CMU Chippewas but am a huge college sports fan that supports the MSU Spartans (where my son is a student).
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