Olympic Thoughts

My fellow Americans, the Olympics are to be celebrated not berated! I don’t understand those Americans who belittle the Olympic games. All of the athletes who represent their countries are to be celebrated as the worthy athletes they are no matter what sport they are competing in during the games.

These athletes are the best at what they do in their respective countries, thus their right to represent their country. To be the best at anything means sacrificing what we “normal people” won’t, in order to make the time to put in the time and work to become the very best at what they do. Families who support their athletes also sacrifice time, energy and monies to help them achieve their dream.

Just watch the Olympians compete; what you see is tremendous focus, drive and skill. The stress they are under to perform to the highest level and win a medal is overwhelming. The emotions spill out both when successful and when being beaten. The slightest mistake can cost the athlete a place on the medal stand. This is why watching these superior athletes compete is the best!

I find myself glued to the television cheering on our American athletes, celebrating their successes and bemoaning their defeats. I admire each and every one of them for their skill and their work ethic to get to this point in their career. Win, lose or draw I appreciate them all and thank them for representing their country to the best of their ability.

Go USA!!


About pshepich58

I am married and have one son. I have a black lab. I live in Livonia, Michigan where I am a superintendent of a public school district. I was born and raised in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan. I attended Central Michigan University for both my undergrad & graduate degrees. My educational career has spanned stops in Clear Lake (Houston) Texas, Scottville, Hart, Custer and currently, Livonia Michigan. I will be starting my 32ndth year in public education this fall, 2014. I am a huge Green Bay Packer's fan; I love the Detroit Tigers, Pistons & Wings. I pull for the CMU Chippewas but am a huge college sports fan that supports the MSU Spartans (where my son is a student).
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