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Olympic Thoughts

My fellow Americans, the Olympics are to be celebrated not berated! I don’t understand those Americans who belittle the Olympic games. All of the athletes who represent their countries are to be celebrated as the worthy athletes they are no … Continue reading

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Educational Technology

As a high school principal I do a great deal of reading in my field in order to keep up with the best practices taking place in educational programming, instruction, tools, curriculum, technology and so on. Each area in and … Continue reading

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Senseless Tragedies

I have been watching and reading about the latest senseless tragedy that took place in Colorado and like so many others I am left to wonder why these things have to happen. There is no rhyme or reason. Innocent people … Continue reading

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First Post

Blogging has always interested me even though I am not sure I should be involved with it.  I have many thoughts on many topics but am not sure sharing those thoughts with the world would be beneficial to my career. … Continue reading

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